The Gregory’s Family

In 1972, in the Dafni district of Athens, Mr. Gregory Georgatos opened what was to become our first branch outlet. 43 years later, the Gregory’s Group numbers 280 stores in Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Albania and the Bahamas, and more than 200,000 satisfied customers per day!

Gregory’s Mikrogevmata (Snack Meals), Coffeeright, Gregory’s Fournismata (Baked Goods) and Gregory’s Mikro (Small) are the three ‘children’ of the Group’s family. Look for outlets near you! We are synonymous with delicious flavorful food throughout Greece, and abroad. We work to make your day brighter!


Gregory’s Snack Meals
8, Arch. Theatrou Str.,
17456 Alimos, Athens - Greece
Tel: (+30) 210 9971100,
Fax: (+30) 210 9956433

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