Before the opening
From the selection of your location and the setting-up of the shop, to recruitment and training of staff, we will be there to support you. All the way!

Opening an outlet
We are committed to helping you develop a strong customer base, to guide you with a dynamic marketing plan, and will provide or recommend promotional programs in your area. Programs with a full range of professionally designed communications materials provided by us!

Initial Training
We will teach you what you need to know in the following areas: Development of store outlets, financial advice, marketing, personnel management matters, store  outlet operational issues such as product preparation, customer service, sales methodology, handling of complaints, placing orders for supplies, merchandising principles, local promotion campaigns. It’s not as difficult as it sounds! We can give you all the guidance you might need at all stages!

If you’d like to join us and become part of the Gregory family, fill in the application form below, or contact us on 2109971100. We’d love to meet you!

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