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General Information

For us, our people are the secret of our success!

Why we offer continuing education, specialization, growth prospects, dynamic and pleasant working environment, honesty, trust, mutual respect, open and interactive communication, harmonious cooperation to all members of our team.

So our people are putting their best in what they do and live long in the Gregory family.

Become a member of the group us see the positions available (in our shops , headquarters) and send your CV .

Here, we apply modern management methods and constantly adapt to changes, by encouraging initiative, rewarding outstanding performance and continually creating development opportunities for our people. More specifically:
  • People from within . We always try to give priority to our own people. Therefore, we make sure that new positions are covered by internal migration from existing staff. We primarily create professional development opportunities for employees and also utilize their knowledge and experiences. For this reason, all new job openings are communicated internally before looking for candidates in the labor market.
  • Practice. We collaborate with universities and give opportunities to young people to do their internship in our company and gain their first work experience at Gregory’s. In many cases, and according to the company’s openings, these students remain with us after the end of their internship.
  • Education. We invest in the continuous training of our people. Firstly we recognize their individual educational needs and then we implement educational programs, either internally or in collaboration with specialized external partners. By strengthening the skills of our people, we improve their effectiveness and enrich their managerial skills.
  • The "Induction" program At Gregory’s, we apply a structured and personalized induction program to ensure the smooth integration and effective commitment of newcomers in the company, by providing them with information and supporting their needs
  • Through the implementation of modern performance management systems (annual evaluation, assessment 360˚), we achieve continuous improvement and development of our people, in accordance of course to the strategic goals, the vision and the values of Gregory’s.
  • Reward. We strive to always reward excellent performance, through a bonus system applicable to all employees of the administration.
  • We value the opinion of our people. Through an annual employee satisfaction survey, we can identify the points that need improvement and work on them to shape a better working environment. Additionally, during the voluntary resignation of some of our employees, we conduct exit interviews, thus collecting important information on both our strengths as a workplace and on areas we can improve.
  • We have adopted an "open door policy", according to which the Administration (CEO & Directors) is always ready to accept and discuss issues concerning our workforce. 
  • 30 minutes with the HR. In order to give the opportunity to all employees to share with us their views on what we do best as a company and the concerns they might have as employees of Gregory’s, we set annual one-to-one meetings with the Director of Human Resources which last 30 minutes. 
  • All employees are encouraged to actively participate with their proposals in the improvement of policies and procedures which relate either directly to their post or to the Company's operation.
  • Group Insurance Program. We provide our employees with insurance for medical and hospital care, life insurance, accident insurance and permanent total disability insurance.
  • Free meal. All employees enjoy a free daily meal from the canteen at the company’s headquarters, which consists of a coffee or soft drink and a sandwich or snack or cake.
  • Out-of-company dinner by Department. We encourage our Directors to organize dinners with their respective team members outside the company. Thus, our employees are offered the chance to socialize with their colleagues outside the company’s premises. We strongly believe that this is a means to improve not only the positive attitude inside the company, but also the collaboration, the collegiality and the effective communication between departments.