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General Information

We believe that the secret to our success is our people!

That is why we offer regular training, specialization, growth potential, a dynamic and pleasant workplace, honesty, trust, mutual respect, open two-way communication, and congenial collaboration with all the members of our group.

As a result our people give their best in everything they do and remain part of the Gregory’s family for many years.

 Come and join us, see the positions available (in our stores and central offices) and  and send your CV 

At Gregory’s, we implement the latest management methods, we continuously adapt to changes, we encourage initiative, we reward excellence in performance and we are constantly creating advancement opportunities for our people. More specifically:

  • Internal recruitment. We always try to give priority to our own people. Therefore we take care to fill open positions from our existing workforce by promotion from within. As a result we both create opportunities for professional advancement for our employees and make use of their knowledge and experience. For that reason all new positions are first communicated internally before we look for candidates in the job market.
  • Job placement. We collaborate with universities and provide work experience openings for young people. Indeed, depending on our requirements, after their job placement has ended many remain as part of our workforce.
  • Training. We invest in continual training. Initially recognising our employees’ individual training needs and then implementing training programmes, either internally or in collaboration with specialised external collaborators, we boost our people’s abilities, improve their effectiveness and enhance their administrative knowledge.
  • Scholarships for Postgraduate Programs. We support the lifelong learning of our employees, but at the same time recognize and encourage excellence by offering 3 Scholarships for Postgraduate Programs each year, covering up to 50% of the cost. In this way our people can add value to our company as they get specialized in their line of work and can become more efficient and accurate in solving current challenges.
  • Induction programme. We apply a structured and individualised induction programme to ensure the smooth incorporation and effective assumption of duties by new staff members, providing them with the information and support they need.
  • Contemporary performance management systems (annual review, 360 degree feedback) ensure the continual improvement and development of our people according to the company’s strategic goals, its vision and its values.
  • Reward. We always reward our employees for good and superlative performance through a bonus system that applies to all administrative employees.
  • We value our people’s opinions. Through our employee satisfaction survey we are able to pinpoint areas that need improvement and to work on them to create a better workplace environment. Also, by using exit interviews when employees choose to leave the company, we collect important information both on our strong points as employers as well as on areas that need to be improved.
  • We have adopted an “open door policy”, whereby the management (CEO & Directorate Heads) is always available to see and discuss matters that are on the mind of the employees.
  • 30 minutes with HR. Aimed at giving all our employees an opportunity to share with us their opinions about what we could be doing better as a company, and anything else on their minds, we have set up annual 30 minute one-on-one meetings with the HR Director.
  • Employees are encouraged to participate actively with suggestions for improving the policies and procedures that either affect them directly or generally affect the operation of the company.
  • Group Insurance Programme. We provide our employees with medical and hospital insurance, life insurance, accident insurance and permanent full disability insurance.
  • Free meals. All employees are entitled to a free daily meal from the cafeteria at the company’s central offices (a coffee or soda and a sandwich or snack or pie).
  • Communication/outings. We encourage each Directorate to plan dinner outings. This allows employees to socialise with their colleagues away from the workplace, which enhances the ambiance, cooperation, camaraderie and communication within departments