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Refreshment bars, scattered all over Greece (and not only!), so there is always one near you!

The beginning

In 1972 Grigoris Georgatos opens what was to be become the first Gregory’s in the Athens suburb of Dafni. With the finest fresh ingredients, recipes that are both traditional and unique, attention to detail and above all a smile, his first store became the benchmark for the future development of the network.
Gregory’s has continued to grow ever since. Today, with more than 360 stores in Greece, Cyprus, Germany and Romania, it is the 9th biggest coffee store chain in Europe.

49 years and counting

49 years later, Gregory’s is where more than 250,000 satisfied customers stop to refuel every day. Gregory’s offers a wide range of traditional pies, delicious sandwiches, fine coffee, and fresh juices, always served with a sunny smile.

Gregory’s gives you an appetite for the rest of the day.

Why Gregory’s

Meticulously selected primary ingredients, traditional recipes with our own unique touch developed by a specialised product R&D team, and Gregory’s famous coffee, which is always being enhanced by new suggestions, are the best guarantee of a unique experience for our customers every day. But it would not be complete without the expertise and willingness of our trained staff, who are always ready to handle customers’ requests with a cheerful smile.  

The fine quality of our primary ingredients, final products and service staff has been guaranteed in the best possible way with the implementation of our integrated Food Quality and Safety Management System in accordance with ISO9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005 & ISO 14001:2015 international standards.