Policy for quality, food safety and the environment

The central axis of our Policy is the EXCELLENCE of products & services, ensuring optimum consumer and FRC partner satisfaction while at the same time creating added value for all the interested parties.
Preference & Consistency
Gregory’s endeavours to satisfy its customers and FRC partners and to give added value to our products, systems and services, which always meet and/or exceed their expectations. It has developed a methodology for remaining informed on the ever-changing and increasing needs and requirements of customers and FRC partners.
Excellence in all sectors is the daily goal of all employees. Gregory’s has set high quality specifications and has developed a methodology to ensure that they are complied with.
Food Safety and Full Compliance

Gregory’s ensures the safety of the food it sells and compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements governing its products and services. During the planning of new activities it takes into consideration existing regulations, rapid technological developments, and practices for the protection of the environment.
The achievement of Excellence is a joint effort and requires the commitment of all employees at every level of our organisation.  
Strategy & Continual Improvement
The company has developed a continual improvement culture and takes care that all operations throughout the value chain are fully aligned with the strategic goals.
In order to achieve all these things it has established, implements and continually improves an integrated Management System, in conformity with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2005 & ISO 14001:2015 standards

Vlassis Georgatos