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Quality Control

Our main goal is to become better every day. Through the organizational and operational structure of our company, we try to improve customer’s satisfaction and build trust in the relationship between them and our products and our franchisee partners. According this, we have established, implemented and apply the Quality, Food Safety and Environmental Management System according the international standards: ISO9001:2015ISO 22000:2005ISO 14001:2015 certified by TUV HELLAS.

Within the Integrated Management System, we ensure that each Gregory’s store follows the best practices that ensure compliance with the law and our standards for the high quality operation of our stores.
In order to confirm the implementation of HACCP and company’s specifications in our stores, we carry out audit and inspections by appropriately trained and experienced staff at specified intervals. Through this process, we ensure the high levels of quality, safety, hygiene and service of our stores.

For every member of Gregory’s family, product safety is not negotiated in order to fulfill the promise we give to you: “to offer always the best quality”. According to this we designed and organized our Integrated Management System in two axes: HYGIENE & SAFETY and the ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS of our products. This way, we can provide to all of our consumers high quality products and to maintain high standards in our services.
The basic parameters of product quality are the microbiological characteristics, the organoleptic characteristics and the nutritional value. Our team of experienced and specialized scientific staff has developed a Precautionary Product Control System that ensure the consistent quality of our products and the compliance with our specifications for the hygiene & safety of products and the condition of supply, delivery, storage, preparation and distribution.

According to Regulation (EC) No. 852/2004 (Article 5), food business operators must establish, implement and maintain a permanent procedure or procedures based on HACCP principles. All stores have to implement HACCP.
According to this, Gregory’s has developed, implement and maintain standard procedures based on the HACCP principles for the management of food safety. We create an educational program for training in Health & Security food principles the company’s staff, who handle food at all stages of food chain. We also created a manual, that describe in detail the best practices that should applied to our stores and all the procedures based on HACCP principles.
To ensure the security of our products, we are working with reliable suppliers.
Also, our trained staff check the food and ensure the implementation of food storage rules, the compliance of hygiene rules by staff, the proper handling and processing of products, the proper recycling of products, the application of cleaning plan & disinfection, the compliance of cold chain, the implementation of mycosis and insect repellence plan, the proper waste management and finally monitor and maintain the supporting files.

To ensure the organoleptic characteristics of our products we have proceed to product standardization in cooperation with our suppliers. We create detailed specifications and guidelines for our products; we define product lifetime (with safety and organoleptic criteria) and we educate consultants and staff of our store. Also, we organize extra educational programs in our educational center and control procedures applying to the stores.
Every day, we carry out many audits based on a standard plan, which provides:
– Product approval and compliance with the law in new product development procedure - Tastings
– Laboratory analyzes (microbiological, nutritional and chemical controls) to external accredited laboratory
– Audits at suppliers facilities
– Frozen, fresh, dry load and packaging products check. Baking tests.
– Check specific parameters for each product category
– Verify compliance with agreed quality standards (organoleptic behavior, weights and dimensions)
– Products check before shipping to stores to ensure that products have the acceptable quality characteristics
– Audits in our network stores
– Identify any failures and taking corrective action as needed