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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for the Websites  (  ) the Websites  (  ) &  the mobile app for online orders on «Gregorys eorder» & the direct telephone communication

Last updated: 13.11.2023

"GRΕGORΥS SA" (hereinafter referred to as "the Company", "we" or "us"), with a registered seat in the Municipality of Alimos, Attika, Greece, 8, Archeou Theatrou str., Postal Code: 17456 commits to protect and respect your privacy.

This Privacy Policy aims to inform you about the terms of collection, processing and transmission of your personal data that we may collect as Processors.


This Privacy Policy (together with our Terms of Use (, Cookie Policy (, Terms of Participation in Contests and any other related document referred herein) sets out the grounds on which we will collect and use the personal information provided  by you or collected from you when you browse our Websites (“Websites”), and/or which we collect from you when you navigate and use the Websites or the mobile phone application for online orders “Gregorys eorder” (  / ), in accordance with the national and EU privacy rules and regulations, as in force. We urge you to carefully review these documents in order to understand our approach and practices with respect to your personal data as well as how we will use same.

When you provide your personal data or using our Websitess and/or our mobile app, you accept to having read and understood the Privacy Policy as we as the Cookies Policy ( ( which includes information on how you can, while browsing our Websitess, consent to or deactivate monitoring and analyzing technologies.

For the purposes and in the meaning of the privacy law GREGORYS S.A. a company incorporated and existing under the laws of the Hellenic Republic, with a registered seat in Alimos, Attika, Greece, 8 Archeou Theatrou str., postal code 174 56, shall be Data Controller.

1. Which personal data we collect

We collect your personal information when you use the Websitess or the application Gregorys eorder. The information we collect are divided in three main categories : (a) data provided to us by you, (b) data collected via automated methods, and (c) data collected by other sources. We may collect data from our franchise network.

We may combine the data provided to us by you with data collected via automated methods and with data collected from other sources.

1.1 Collection of data provided by you in the ways listed below :

- the Company collects only Registered Users’ personal data as registered in the Websitess by these users for the purposes of using certain services of the Websitess, and only if the Users have accepted the relevant Terms of Participation. Specifically, the collected and processed data concerning Registered Users are the following: name, surname, email address, contact phone number, service address, date of orders, number of orders, transaction value.
- data that you insert when you register on the Websitess or in the application Gregorys eorder, such as name, surname, home address, email address, telephone and/or data relating to your account, such as username or password (and/ or any other information that identifies you) that you use for your access to our Websites or the application “Gregorys eorder” and/or for using of the services of the Websites in accordance with the Terms of Use

- Information you enter in communication forms of the Websites, (indicative franchise interest form, career - job application), such as name, surname, email address, mobile phone and/or CV. For more information see here: …..

- profile information arising when using the Websites and the application “Gregorys eorder”, including the services you prefer or/and the hours you prefer to visit us or/and the frequency you use the Websites or/and the application Gregorys eorder, and
- when you contact our offices or/and our call center or/and via email or/and through the Websites, either for purchases, or for expressing your opinion, complaints or comments. We record other personal data you choose to provide us during our interaction and/or your communication with us (indicatively email, contact phone, service address), call content to our customer service center (via phone or other ways of communication with sound).

-when, during registering to the loyalty programs organized by the company and implemented through the stores of the GREGORYS network, you give your personal data to the store employee or the mobile app e-order which are processed for the implementation of the Loyalty program.

1.2 Collection and process of data via automated methods

We may use automated methods to collect data from your mobile device when you browse our Websites or our application Gregorys eorder.

We may collect data concerning :
- your internet protocol address (IP address),
- your mobile device’s operating system in case you visit the Websites via a portable device,
- the type of portable device and its settings,
- the serial numbers relating to your device and its parts,
- ad IDs (for example, IDFAs and IFAs) or similar IDs,
- the redirecting site (the Websites that led you to us),
- messages to us or about us on social media, and
-actions related to the way you use our Websites, such as sections you visit on our Websites.

Our Websites and application Gregorys eorder may collect data about the exact location of your mobile device using geographical location and technologies such as GPS (Global Positioning System), Wi-Fi (Wireless Local Area Network), Bluetooth or cell tower proximity. The majority of mobile devices and browsers allow you to revoke the license you gave us to collect this information using the settings on your device or your browser. If you have any questions about the way you can prevent the data collection concerning your exact location, we suggest you to contact your mobile device's technical support, your device manufacturer or your software or browser provider. Some of the Websites’s services may not work properly without your location data. If you wish to delete any data we have collected and which could identify your location, please contact us at the address, telephone number or e-mail address referred below. Under law, we may need to retain certain data.

1.3 Collecting information from other sources

We may collect data about you from other companies or organizations. We may also receive personal data from third parties (e.g. cooperating platforms – aggregators (indicative e-food, box, wolt), in order to service the order given through the cooperating platform. We may also collect data that is publicly accessible. For example, we may collect data about you when you interact with us on social media. Finally, we may collect data about you when you register at loyalty programs organized by the Company and are implemented through the stores of Gregorys network.

1.4 Underage persons

By accepting this Privacy Policy you are an adult, i.e. at least 18 years old or, if you are underaged that you have the necessary parental consent and are able to provide evidence thereof if so requested. People having parental responsibility of underage persons must protect them from access to alcoholic beverages and / or beer products and are solely responsible otherwise.

2. How we use the information we collect

We may use and / or process your data for one or more of the purposes below in accordance with the legal basis of article 6 of the GDPR. When required under the law, we shall ask at the data collection point for your consent prior to using your personal data, which consent, if granted you may recall at any time. We may also use and process your personal data, depending on our lawful needs: to act upon our contract (or pre-contract), to comply with our legal obligations or to further our legitimate business interests.

In particular, we will use the data collected from you for the following purposes:
-so that you can navigate the Websites and make use of its features as well as of those regarding the application “Gregorys eorder”,
-to send you products and provide you services you purchase through our Websites and /or our application
- to infer commercial conclusions in order to improve the quality of services provided by Gregorys to consumers who choose to order through cooperating platforms (aggregators)
-to personalize your experience on our Websites and our application,
-to manage your calls, to search for information in order to complete your requests, purchases and orders
-to manage your requests and complaints that you have submitted to us  or to a Gregorys store or are related to our products, our services, our Websites and/or our application, and when required your personal data is transferred to third parties (e.g. insurance agent) only if you have provided your consent.
-to answer your requests and questions about products & services as well as to inform you and respond to your suggestions and comments on improving our products and services
-to announce you the results of surveys, lotteries and competitions in which you may have participated.
-to manage our business, including the development of new products and services, conducting customer research, and evaluating our sales, marketing and advertising performance,

-to manage your requests for a job in the company or in the network of Gregorys stores-to manage your requests for a proposed property or potential franchise partnership

-to ensure quality and for training  our staff, in order to maintain, manage and improve our products, your orders, our offers, promotions, our customer service level in general, our Websites and our application. 
-to comply with legislation,
-to maintain the security of the Websites and/or the application and to prevent any fraud.
- for sending promotional actions, which is made to the contact details you have provided us with during your registration or during our telephone communication or when updating your details (indicatively mobile, email) if we have received your consent (either verbally through your statement to an agent of our company in case of telephone communication, or written through a checkbox on a platform) for the purpose of receiving coupons (gifts), promoting the products and services of the Company, as well as for customer feedback surveys to improve our service (these promotional communications can be made via Viber, SMS, Web, newsletters and app notifications). If you do not wish to receive offers and promotions, please select the unsubscribe link in any email or related message (unsubscribe). You can unsubscribe at any time from any of these media.

3. With whom we share your data

We do not share or transfer your data without your consent, unless as described herein below in this Privacy Policy.

For the purposes of executing and delivering the products of your order and keeping the same level of service to our consumers, we transmit your personal data (name, email, mobile and/or landline phone, delivery address, order content) to the partners - franchisees of the store network Gregorys, who process them on our behalf for the aforementioned purposes and must commit their employees to the safe keeping of your personal data.

We will share your data to our suppliers as i.e advertising companies,  cloud providers, software development companies, in the context of organizing and conducting promotional activities, loyalty program, competitions, research and analysis, support services of the Websites and the application "Gregorys eorder", and other information technology services, for the above purposes. We contractually forbid the aforementioned persons to further transfer your data or use it for any other purpose than our above listed purposes.

Should we decide for strategic or business reasons to sale and transfer our business in whole or in part, it is possible that by reason of and in the context of such transaction we will transfer data already collected and processed, including client data, to any party involved in or associated with the transfer.

We may decide, for strategic or other business purposes, to sell or transfer our business in whole or in part. As part of this sale or transfer, we may pass on information that we have collected and stored, including customer information, to any party involved in the sale or transfer.

We also may transfer non identifiable data, i.e. anonymous statistical data which will include data on your browsing of the Webpage.

By way of exception, our Company may share your personal data to third parties only if there is obligation under law  to do so: (a) to comply with legal procedures (eg a decision or order made by a judicial or other competent authority) or under law (b) to the extent permitted by applicable law (c) to enforce the terms and conditions and (d) for the protection of our rights, confidentiality, security or property. We may also use and disclose your information in other ways, after obtaining your consent.

4. Retention of data

We retain your personal data strictly for the period necessary to achieve and fulfill the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy, unless we are required under the law to retain same for a longer period.

Retain periods are determined by the following criteria: (i) the amount of time we are in a contractual relationship, (ii) the period necessary for us to comply with a legal obligation, and (iii) whether retaining same is linked to our legal status (i.e. related to limitations, disputes or audits)

5. Links to other Websites and social media

When visiting our Websites or using the Application Gregorys eorder, you may come across links to other Websitess, operated by us or third parties.. If you visit one of these linked Websitess, you should read the respective privacy policies, as well as the respective terms and conditions and other policies.. We assume no liability whatsoever for any third-party policies and practices. Such third parties are processing the data given to them in accordance with their privacy policy, terms and conditions and other policies.

It is also possible that providers of other applications, tools, widgets and add-ons available in our Websites, such as the Facebook «Like» button, use automated methods for the collection of data and the use of such operations. Such providers are likely to process your data under their policies.

6. International data transfer

The data that we collect from Users will remain and will be stored on a secure server within the E.U.; the Company will take all reasonable measures to protect the data.

Other than in the cases above, it is possible that data collected to be transferred and stored in locations outside the European Economic Area (“EEA”), including countries that may not offer the same level of protection as the one applicable in your country or designated under this Privacy Policy. In the context of processing designated in this Privacy Policy, we may appoint third parties, located outside EEA, to process or receive your personal data. Consequently, your data may be processed by personnel located outside the EEA and works for us or a suppliers of ours. We rely on such third parties / supplier for the provision of products and services on our account and it is possible that we share to such third parties (e.g. software companies, external advisors etc) personal data of you. In general all our service suppliers have a contractual obligation to protect your personal data and may not in any way use or transfer same. We do not allow such third parties to use or share your data for any reason other than the provision of services to us or on our account.

Regardless of the country which your l data is transferred to and shared, we will share your dat only on a need-to-know basis and always in accordance with the appropriate protection mechanisms s (such as under the Standard Protection Clauses).

You have the right to request a copy of the above by contacting the company "GREGORYS S.A." at

Such transfers will take place in accordance with the uses specified in this Privacy Policy and as permitted by law. We will take all the necessary measures in accordance with the applicable legislation to ensure the safe management of your data, in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the law.

7. Data Protection

We commit to take all appropriate measures to safely retain your personal data. Our technical, administrative and actual processes have been designed to protect your data from accidental, illegal or non-authorized loss, access, discovery, use, amendment or destruction. Although we try to protect our information systems, no Websites, information system or data web transfer or transfer to any other public network cannot be 100% secure. If you have any reason to believe that your interaction with us is no longer safe, please do immediately inform us in the manner designated in par. 10 "How to communicate" below.

8. Your rights as data subjects

Under the law, on your request on one hand to be informed on whether your personal data is processed and on the other to receive additional information on such process, in particular with regard to the type of process, the appropriate warranties under which your data may be shared to a third country or to an international organization. You also have the right to correct or update your personal data if same are not correct. Furthermore, when the relevant law requirements are met, you have the right to have your personal data deleted, the right to limit processing, the right to data portability, and the right to refuse processing. Should we wish your personal data to be deleted, please do communicate with us in the address stated hereinbelow; in such case we may request proof of identification prior to deleting your data as per your request. Should such proof of identification not be given, we will not be able to satisfy your request..

Furthermore, you may withdraw your consent at any time, but such withdrawal shall not affect processing made under your consent and until the time you consent request was made known to us.

You can also withdraw your consent to marketing communication.

In practice , you will usually either explicitly consent beforehand to the process of your personal data for marketing purposes, or we will give you the option to unsubscribe the process of your data for advertising purposes.

If you consider that the process of your data breaches the law you have the right to file a complaint to the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, Kifissias Avenue 1-3, P.C. 115 23, Athens or to the link

You can find detailed instructions here: 

You can exercise your rights and receive additional information on such rights by contacting us in writing in accordance with article 10 «Ηow to contact us» hereinbelow. We will reply to your request as soon as possible and in any even withing a month from the date we received same. In the event of a delay in our response you will be so notified and we will also inform you of the estimated date of reply.

 You can also visit the Websites and / or the application to update your online profile.

9. Amendments and modifications

This Privacy Policy is valid as of the date indicated hereinabove. We may modify or simply update all or part of this Privacy Policy. In the event of an amendment or modification we will post the updated version and we will update the «Last Updated» (i.e. the effective date) note on the first page of this Policy. We therefore suggest visiting this page on a regular basis in order to be informed of the most recent version of the Policy.

10. How to Contact us

For any matter related to this Privacy Policy as well as for any exercise of your legal rights please contact us at at  .