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Terms And Conditions

Terms of use

Given the lack of human agent intervention in sending and receiving online ordering, it is necessary to take into account the following terms before entering your details and / or your order. Please read carefully the following:

  • Change or cancellation of order after shipment is not possible.
  • The customer accepts unconditionally the exclusive electronic submission of the tax information that will result from the completion of the orders through this platform
  • The customer accepts unconditionally the exclusive electronic submission of the tax information that will result from the completion of the orders through this platform
  • Gregory’s cannot guarantee the uninterrupted operation of and has no liability whatsoever regarding any technique or any other inability to use
  • Gregory’s does not bear any liability to customers / users for any damages that may arise from disabling access to the application for technical reasons or from problems and difficulties that may affect or inhibit or suspend its operation and the submission or execution of electronic orders.
  • Gregory’s reserves the time to deliver orders in cases of force majeure.
  • The product delivery service requires a minimum consumption of 3 euro worth items and does not charge the customer at any additional cost.
  • Products included in an order may be found to be in shortage (unavailable) when performing an order at the store. The user is informed of any unavailable products in the telephone order and suggests alternatives.
  • Each product offer is always valid until it is renewed in the electronic system.

 Secure Transactions
Unique payment methods are defined as payment by cash upon receipt.

 Privacy Policy
With your visit to our company website, Gregory’s Mikrogevmata SA, anonymous Industrial and Commercial Food Company SA (Hereinafter "Gregory"), you accept the practices described in this Privacy Policy and consent to the collection, use and transfer of personal data under the terms of this privacy policy. All items submitted to ("Site") are collected, managed and maintained by Gregory’s.

Framework of the Privacy Policy
Personal data collected in the course of the operation of the Site are used exclusively for the purpose of secure and smooth communication and connection of users with Gregory’s. The confidentiality of their content is preserved and is not transmitted or communicated (divulged) to third parties except in cases where the transmission or disclosure is required by an express legal provision. The collection and processing of personal data collected in the context of the operation of the Site is subject to Law 2472/1997 "on the protection of individuals from the processing of personal data" and in Law 2774/1999 "on the protection of personal data in the telecommunication Sector "as applicable. The user has all the rights deriving from the above mentioned laws such as access rights, patches, and deletions. Gregory’s is not responsible for the terms of collection and processing of personal data that apply to other sites to which our site refers in the form of links.


Notification of possible changes to the Privacy Policy
In the context of continuous improvements to our Site and the addition of new features and services, Gregory’s may process and / or modify this Privacy Policy. Any modification by Gregory’s alerts the user and the local authority, where required by law.

Collection of personal data, including e-mail address
By choosing to use the products and / or services on the Website or to obtain additional information through it, the user may be asked to provide the following information: his name, address, e-mail address, telephone number. Statistical information may also be required which may lead to better and more personalized service to the user. The information provided is recorded in the website's databases by hand or by electronic means. The Website may supplement or modify the information provided by the user with information from third parties, such as, for example, if the address submitted is incorrect.


Use of Personal Data

The content of your personal data will be used by the Website to provide the requested service. The Site may also request and collect the user's personal information for the following purposes:
- Sending information about new products.
- Regular updates the Website considers to be of interest to the user.
- Information about sending products and services that the user has purchased through the Site.
- For the purpose of market research and promotion of products and services by Gregory’s.
- For internal use related to the management of the Website and the improvement of its services.

Gregory’s has undertaken to keep the privacy of all visitors at and to protect the personal data you may provide us. In particular, we consider it important to know how you treat personal data that you are interested in and which we may receive through this web site and the data processing practices we use through the use of the Internet and other electronic communications networks. The user is required to read this Privacy Policy to understand how to use and protect the information they provide or how to use and protect them in the future. The registration of user data for the provision of services through this website implies the consent of the user to the collection, use and transmission of his / her personal information under the terms of this Privacy Policy. The user will, however, be expressly consulted about any such action.


We hope you will be satisfied with our products and services. However, if you do not want to receive e-mails from Gregory’s and wish to remove your e-mail address from our e-mail list, please send an e-mail to using "Cancel".


Collection of anonymous data through the Site
In addition to collecting data from the media mentioned above, the Site uses technology that allows the collection of information about the users of the Site. For example, the Web server automatically checks the pages you visit, the user's IP address and used by your web browser. This technology does not identify the user's personal information and its findings are used for statistical purposes only.
The Website contains links to other websites. Technology can also be used to track and measure the frequency of traffic to these links. As before, this technology does not identify the user's personal information and its findings are used for statistical purposes only.


About the disclosure of personal data
Gregory’s does not disclose, sell or transfer your personal data to third parties that have nothing to do with the provision of the service unless otherwise stated in the following cases:
- The contact details provided will be kept in our database and may occasionally be used to send information by mail or email about similar products and / or services that may be considered to be of interest to the user. If the user does not wish to receive such information he must act in accordance with the above paragraph "Cancel". In cases where the user has consented, your personal information may be shared with other companies belonging to the Gregory’s Group.
- The Site may share, transfer or disclose the information contained in its database and its server entries if required by law, justice or prosecution of an electronic crime to combat fraud, for protection of the vital interests of the user, the protection and security or integrity of the data or the Site, the taking of legal action, or the sale, merger, reorganization or dissolution of Gregory’s. The Website informs the user that any transfer or disclosure of its personal data is made in accordance with the laws of the state.
Where appropriate, prior to the disclosure of personal data to third parties, the Website concludes a contract with the third party for the obligation to take all necessary measures to protect the personal data received and to comply with national law.


Links to other sites
The Site may contain links that refer to websites that do not belong at Gregory’s. These links are provided only for the convenience of the user and do not imply any approval or acceptance of the content or activities of these, their managers or anyone who relates with the managers. The Site does not control these links and is not responsible for their data and privacy policy. We encourage you to check out the Privacy Policy before using the web pages or not to provide your personal information.

Applicable law
This contract is subject to Greek law. Any dispute arising out of this Privacy Policy is subject to the jurisdiction and domain of the Courts of Athens.

The Website welcomes any comments about this Privacy Policy. In case of doubt regarding this Policy or any service provided, you may contact Gregory’s by email at

In order for the user to exercise the rights of information, access and objection (articles 11, 12 and 13 respectively of Law 2472/1997) he / she may contact the Company's responsible officer at

Correction, Modification or Deletion of Information and Elements
Gregory’s allow its users to correct, change, supplement or delete data and information submitted to If you choose to delete a piece of information, the department will act to delete this information from its files directly. For the protection and security of the user, Gregory’s will try to make sure that the person who makes the changes is actually the same person as the user. In order to access, change or delete your personal data, to report problems with the operation of the website or to make any inquiries, please contact Gregory’s via or by e-mail to the email address info @ The change or correction of your personal data can also be made via the registration page of Please note that we will do our utmost to protect your personal data, but protecting your password on our website is also up to you.
Gregory’s reserves the right to modify these terms of use by posting them at
Subscribing to and / or using the services provided through is an unconditional acceptance of these terms of use.