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Mini Pies Price
Mini Kourou Kefalotiri Cheese Pie 0,50€
Mini Kourou Cheese Pie 0,50€
Mini Ham & Cheese pie 0,60€
Vegan Kourou "Cheese" pie 0,80€
Sausage Mini Roll 0,70€
Croissini with 6 Cheeses 0,80€
Pizza Special (16 bites) 3,30€
Pizza Margarita (16 bites) 3,10€
Handmade Pies with traditional dough “filo” Price for 24 mini bites
Country Spinach Pie with PDO feta cheese 13,20€
Country cheese pie with feta cheese 13,20€
Sweet Tastes Price
Mini donuts full praline 0,70€
Mini Butter Croissant 0,60€
Mini Butter Croissant full Praline 0,70
Mini Croissant [Butter/Chocolate] 0,60€
Mini praline 0,60€
Cinnamon Cookies with clove & nutmeg 0,35€
Cookies with Oat & Honey 0,35€
Soft Cookie Vanilla with dark chocolate chips 1,60€
Soft Cookie chocolate with dark & white chocolate chips 1,60€
Midi Cinnamon Donut 0,70€
Fruit Flapjack (4 bites) 1,30€
Chocolate Flapjack (4 bites) 1,40

Pie Sweet Cream from Serres (18 bites) 4,00
Choco & Vanilla flavored Cake 1,60€
Peach Pasta Flora  2,00€
Sour Cherry Pasta Flora 2,00€
Praline Tart 2,00€
Apple Crumble Tart 2,10€
Meat  bites Price
Μini souvlaki with chicken rolled with bacon 1,00€
Mini souvlaki with burgers 0,90€
Mini  Brioche Price
Ham, mayonnaise dressing & green curled lettuce 1,10€
PDO Manouri cheese, fresh tomato & extra virgin olive oil 1,10€
PDO Manouri cheese, fresh tomato & extra virgin olive oil 1,50€
Sandwiches Price for 4 mini bites
with sesame baguette bread
Turkey & PDO Katiki Domokou Cheese fresh green curled lettuce & tomato 2,60€
PDO Naxos Graviera fresh tomato, Greek PDO feta cheese sauce with thyme & extra virgin olive oil 2,60€
with Whole wheat baguette
Turkey edam cheese, fresh tomato & green curled lettuce, mayonnaise dressing 2,70€
Tuna, fresh green curled lettuce & cucumber, mayonnaise & citrus dressing with Kalamata mustard 2,90€
Feta Cheese & Olives fresh tomato & cucumber, oregano & extra virgin olive oil 2,80€
with White baguette
Ham edam cheese, fresh tomato & green curled lettuce, mayonnaise dressing 2,70€
Dry Salami & PDO Naxos Graviera fresh tomato & rocket, mildly spicy sauce with Kalamata mustard 2,90€
Caesar’s chicken, fresh tomato & green curled lettuce, Parmesan t. cheese, chicken fillets, Caesar's sauce 2,90€
Tortilla Bites Price for 6 mini bites
Chicken Fillets  & Parmesan Cheese lettuce, iceberg, radicchio & tomato, Caesars' sauce 3,40€
Smoked Turkey  & Ipiros Logadi cheese lettuce, iceberg, radicchio & tomato, Kalamata mustard with olive oil 3,20€
Falafel & Humus lettuce, iceberg, radicchio & tomato 3,20€
Smoked Salmon & Avocado, lettuce, iceberg, radicchio, dill, Arla cream cheese  & citrus dressing 5,20€
Egg & Avocado Tortilla,  tomato & arla cream cheese 4,00€
Toast Bread Price for 20 mini bites
Ham, edam cheese, mayonnaise dressing 9,65€
Smoked Turkey, edam cheese, mayonnaise dressing 9,65€
Salads Quantity for 6-8 persons
Dakos with barley rusk with olive oil, mini tomatoes, feta cheese PDO, green olives, oregano & extra virgin olive oil 8,50€
Caesar’s salad with lettuce, iceberg, radicchio , chicken fillets, Parmesan t. cheese, corn, crouton, caesar’s sauce or Extra virgin oil & vinegar 8,50€
Smoked turkey salad Katiki Domokou PDO cheese, lettuce, iceberg, radicchio , mini tomatoes, Ipiros Logadi cheese (17% Fat), sunflower seed, cranberries, dressing of balsamic cream fig & extra virgin olive oil 8,50€
Chef with lettuce, iceberg, radicchio, smoked pork loin, egg, PDO Graviera Naxos cheese, mini tomatoes & mayo dressing with orange 8,90€
Beetroot, Lentil & Manouri Cheese Salad, lettuce, iceberg, radicchio, carrot, arugula, balsamic cream dressing with fig & extra virgin olive oil 8,90€
Chicken Salad with Tricolor Quinoa, with lettuce, iceberg, radicchio, mint, corn, mini tomatoes & citrus vinaigrette 8,90€
Lentil & Τuna Salad, with lettuce, iceberg, radicchio, cucumber, carrot, arugula, cranberries, citrus vinaigrette 10,30€
Salads with Oat Whole Wheat Penne Quantity for 6-8 persons
Smoked Salmon salad, whole wheat penne with oat, smoked salmon, fresh dill & cucumber, lemon zest, citrus dressing with Kalamata mustard & fresh apple! 9,70€
Tuna Salad, whole wheat penne with oat, tuna, corn, cucumber, carrot, citrus vinaigrette 9,70€
Caesar’s Salad, whole wheat penne with oat, chicken fillets, parmesan t. cheese, bacon, corn, caesar’s sauce 9,50€
Plates Quantity for 4-6 persons
Cold cuts & cheese plate,
Smoked turkey, dry salami, ham, Naxos Graviera PDO cheese, Ipirus Logadi cheese & baguette with sesame
Filtered Coffee  
4 persons 6,40€
8 persons 12,80€
50 persons 80,00€
Refreshments - Beers  
Refreshments 0,5 L 1,50€
Refreshments 1.5lt 2,30€
Amstel beer 330 ml 1,60€
Amstel Radler beer 330 ml 1,70€
Heineken beer 330 ml 1,80€

You can ask for platters when you place your order, at an extra charge of € 0.90 / piece