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Our Support

Before opening
From choosing a location and a store design to finding and training staff, we are there to support you. Always!

Store opening
We are and will always be by your side to help you develop a strong customer base, to guide you with a dynamic marketing plan and to offer or suggest programmes to boost sales in your area. Programmes with complete and researched communication material, developed by us!

Initial Training and Continual Support
We teach you everything: How to develop your store, handle finances and manage your business, aspects of marketing and personnel management, basic principles of food health and safety, matters connected with the operation of the store, such as product preparation, customer services, sales methodology, handling objections / complaints / state organisations and dispatching orders, merchandising principles and local promotion. It may sound difficult, but we will teach you everything! Just as we will be there for anything else you need down the road! All our knowhow is available to you through the latest technological media.

Reward policy
Through regular on-site inspections we verify your store’s high level of quality and service and we reward you!

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