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Gregory’s Bakery

In 2013 Gregory’s expanded its concept and enriched its product line by creating the Gregory’s Bakery concept store. 

The first Gregory’s Bakery opened at the Piraeus Urban Railway station. Today, Gregory’s Bakeries can be found in Attica and on the Greek islands of Naxos and Rhodes.

Gregory’s Bakeries carry all Gregory’s products, including coffee, drinks, pies, sandwiches and salads, but with many more items added to the product range, such as freshly baked bread and other baked goods, as well as sweets and patisserie products, among them chocolate pie, orange pie, cakes and single-serving desserts.


Gregory’s Micro

Modern living and the rapid rhythms of daily life dictated the creation of a new Gregory’s concept store: Gregory’s Micro.

These new concept stores, which were launched in 2014, are located at EKO and BP fuel stations, in collaboration with Hellenic Petroleum SA. They aim to provide quality take-out coffee and food to customers stopping to refuel. They offer the full range of Gregory’s beverages and a selection of Gregory’s pies, sweets, and packaged sandwiches and salads.