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Activity Sections

Adaptation & flexibility are essential in order to address successfully various business & consumer needs, remaining however true & consistent to our brand promise to our guests. In order to achieve this, we have developed 2 alternative concept versions on top of the mainstream version described:

Gregory’s “Fournismata” (bakery)
The first extension of Gregory’s main concept enriched with a bakery section extending from bread to cakes & traditional Greek sweets. First store opened in 2013 at Piraeus Metro Station. Today, we have a number of bakery shops in Attica and two Greek islands, Naxos and Rhodes.

Gregory’s “Mikro”
“Mikro” is the Greek word for both small and little and was chosen as a descriptor in order to define the small concept version of Gregory’s created in 2014. “Mikro” stores are co-located in EKO and BP fuel stations, in cooperation with Hellenic Petroleum. They have a smaller product range than main Gregory’s concept, especially in food category.